Update 8-10-16

I wanted to update everyone on Sydney's condition. The doctors are cautiously optimistic that the procedure worked. They do not believe she has the issues they thought before. They need to wait and test her stool 1 more time to be sure, but they believe the procedure worked, and her body is reabsorbing her fluid. Her stomach is still very large, and her face is still swollen, but her arms and legs are much better. Dr Dory said it will take months before she is probably not swollen at all, but overall he is happy with where she is. We do not have to be here while we wait for it to go down. They have started her on a low fat formula in her feeding tube. She is getting about 2 teaspoons over 2 hours, and she is handling it so that is great! Dr Dory said if she continues on this path they will talk about next week us going back to TCH ICU (setting a date, not going next week). What we do now is wait and see how she responds over this next week.

Matt, Kennedy and my Mom all go home this weekend, so Sydney and I will be hanging together.

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