Sydney has unfortunently developed a complication from the surgery. They are really honestly not sure if she has an actual issue or if her Lymphadic fluid is just trying to find a new path and reabsorb in her body. This is what we want! There is a possibility she might have Peritonitis/ Neck or 3rd Spacing. Peritonitis is when your bowel gets an infection from a trama (surgery) where it is disturbed. The procedure they did had to do with her stomach, so this could be an option. They went ahead and started her on antibiotics in case this is an issue. Third Spacing is an issue where fluid is going all over your body and it can't or won't absorb it. It is all really complicated and I am not 100% sure on these explanations. Doctors said we basically have to wait 24-48 hours to see what she does. She is SUPER swollen and cannot be touched really bc it hurts her. For now we wait and see. The biopsy revealed no rejection on her heart and her labs have come back good. She is just really swollen. I have attached some pics for u to see.

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