First day after Lymphadic surgery 8/3/16

It is funny how a new day can bring such different news. Sydney did much better than expected over night and today. In true Sydney fashion she is fighting her way through this. Her drainage since last night is only 25!!! They took an X-ray and so far it does not show another leak in her system. The doctors said this is a really good sign and they are cautiously optimistic it might have worked! Her blood pressure is pretty high and we have not gotten back her biopsy results, but her gases (organ numbers thru blood) look much better today. All and all she is moving in the right direction! They said we still have to wait a few more days to be sure, and add feeds, but it looks promising!

Thank u to everyone for there kind words of support, prayer and encouragement. Our journey is not over, but I am happy we have taken a few steps forward again ❤️

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