Status 8-2-16

We are settled in CHOP at the Gift of Life House for transplant patients. The doctors are very nice here and the care is very similar to TCH. I miss the doctors and nurses at TCH very much and the comfort of there faces, but they are nice here. They are up to date on her chart and status, and are super open to discussions with me. The thing I miss the most is the Attending involvement that we had at TCH.
Sydney is stable, her chest tube output was 710 cc's over 24 hours, which is a ton and way more than before. Her BP is high and her coloring looks a little off to me today. She is also not tracking very well today, I just really do not think she feels very well today. She is stable though, so that is awesome. They started her back on Milrinone, a heart medicine, and are going to do another Cath test when she has her MRI just to make sure her pressures are good in her heart. We are here and that is the most important part. Prayers she gets fixed and God will guide these doctors and get her home.

Pictures are of her room and her here so far

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