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Elizabeth (Betsy) Orozco
Just wanted to send our love. You are all in our prayers daily (Sydney gets a few extra hugs in my heart) and I just wanted to tell you how much we love you! Mark is looking forward to meeting his girlfriend
Great Aunt Sue & Great Uncle Rick
We are so happy that you are doing well. We will continue praying for you that you may be home soon. Hugs & Kisses to you all ... Love you P.S. Hope to come and visit when you go home :)
Great Aunt Sue Bright
LOVE you Sydney .... Hugs & Kisses
Elizabeth (Betsy) Orozco
Sarah I just saw your post from Wednesday!!! I know you are so happy to have your family all in the same city again and we are all so glad to have you back!!! Hugs & Kisses from my whole family to yours
Traci Johnson
Absolutely, positively amazing Grace! Hope to be able to see Sydney when we are visiting in September.
Traci Johnson
Sounds like really exciting news! "SYDNEY STRONG" - Love & prayers for all
Elizabeth Orozco (Betsy)
Thinking of y'all and praying for you always - I can't wait to meet little Sydney and give she and her parents & sister a HUGE bear hug! I love you so much and you are all in my heart & prayers
Great Aunt Traci Johnson
Hugs, kisses & prayers for all of you!
Elizabeth Orozco (Betsy)
I thought of y'all all day yesterday and prayed for sweet Sydney. I wanted to call/text but wanted to give you space. We love y'all so much!