Leaving for Philli

We are leaving for Philadelphia tonight at 8 pm. Well that is when the Kangaroo team will be here to prep her. Then we will go by ambulance to Hobby to board the Kangaroo jet (flying emergency room for kids). We will be in PA in the early morning hours. Matt left this morning and is on his way now.

Prayers for a safe journey and that her liver, kidneys and lungs start improving.


Video today 7-28-16

Bracelets, Koozies and Tshirts

We are selling koozies and bracelets in honor of Sydney! T-shirts are in the progress of being made as well. Koozies are $6 Bracelets are $5, there are adult and kid ones T-shirts will be $12 You can text my mom, Margie 713-254-5573, and she can take your order, then we will send them out! Feel free to share and let whoever know if they are not on this site :) Thanks guys for all your support! ❤️

7-28-16 Update

We are pretty sure we are leaving on Saturday for Philadelphia. They plan on doing a Lymphadic MRI and possible procedure Monday and/or Tuesday. The MRI will show how her Lymphadic system works, then they plan to go in and stop it at the start of the leak. That is what I believe is the jist, I am sure it is more complicated than that, but that is how I understand it. We were told of everything goes as planned we will be there a min. of 2 weeks.
Sydney's breathing tube was put back in yesterday bc she needed another central line IV. They would normally take it out, but bc she will be flying and then having procedures they left it in. This is our shot at getting her fixed and then finally home! Prayers please

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